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The Center for the Study of Inequality (CSI) fosters basic and applied research on social and economic inequalities, as well as the processes by which such inequalities change and persist. Learn more about our mission...

take the IQ quiz How much do you know about inequality? Take our interactive quiz to determine your "IQ" (Inequality Quotient).

EVENTS 2013-2014

August 10-13

American Sociological Association Annual Meeting
"Interrogating Inequality: Linking Micro and Macro"
New York City
CSI co-sponsored a reception of the Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility section on Monday, August 12th, 6:30-8:30 PM.

Fall 2013

Inequality Discussion Group
Faculty affiliates and graduate students meet on selected Mondays to discuss related works in progress.
11:30AM-1:00PM, Uris 360 (CSI Conference Room)
Contact CSI if interested.

September 12

Kickoff Party for the Minor Inequality Studies
12:00-1:30PM, Uris 360 (CSI Conference Room)

October 16

A Search for Oppositional Culture: Race, Education, and Perceptions of Upward Mobility

Angel Harris, Sociology, Duke University
2:55-4:10PM, Bailey Hall 101
Meets as part of Controversies About Inequality.

October 28

Degrees of Inequality: Culture, Class, and Gender in American Higher Education

Ann Mullen, Sociology, University of Toronto
2:55-4:10PM, Bailey Hall 101
Meets as part of Controversies About Inequality.

December 2

Promoting Social Change: From a Cornell Undergraduate to a Candidate for Congress

Nate Shinagawa 05 MHA 09
Tompkins County Legislator
Administrative Director, Robert Packer Hospital
2:55-4:10PM, Bailey Hall 101
Meets as part of Controversies About Inequality.

February 28

Schools, Peers, and Teenagers' Paths to College

Robert Crosnoe, Sociology, University of Texas-Austin
3:30-5:00PM, Uris Hall G08
Co-sponsored by Cornell Population Center

May 9

Delia Baldassarri, Sociology, New York University Cooperative Networks: Altruism, Group Solidarity, Reciprocity, and Sanctioning in Ugandan Producer Organizations
3:30-5:00PM, Uris Hall 302
Co-sponsored by Cornell Population Center


Congratulations to the 65 seniors who completed the Minor in Inequality Studies and graduated this year!

The Minor in Inequality Studies is an interdisciplinary program that may be completed with any major. Interested students should complete this enrollment form as soon as they intend to minor in Inequality Studies.

See the Fall 2014 courses that satisfy the minor's requirements.

Core Course:

SOC 2220 Controversies About Inequality

This course is the primary requirement for completion of the Minor in Inequality Studies and is offered each fall.

Overview Courses:

  • Economic Analysis of the Welfare State (ILRLE 4426 and ECON 3450)
  • Comparative Social Inequalities (DSOC 3700 and SOC 3710)
  • Social Inequality (SOC 2208 and DSOC 2090)
  • Managing Diversity: Policies and Practices (ILROB 6260)
  • Race and Public Policy (PAM 3370 and SOC 3370)
  • Families and Social Inequality (PAM 4470 and SOC 4470)


Since the program's inception in 2003, 423 undergraduates from five of Cornell's colleges have earned the Minor in Inequality Studies.

Profiles of Alumni

Congratulations to Dominique Corley, Fiona McCabe, and Patrick Nowak who each won this year's award for best inequality-related thesis. Honorable mentions go to Shivali Haribhakti and Jana Wilbricht.


The CSI Inequality Quiz is designed to reveal your IQ (Inequality Quotient). Because this IQ is an acquired not innate capacity, students scoring below 100% can expect substantial gains by completing the Inequality Studies Minor. (Between 2001 and the summer of 2008, the prior version of the CSI Inequality Quiz was taken more than 10,000 times. Click here to see the questions, correct answers, and distributions of responses across each of the questions.)

Kelly Musick cited for her work on cohabitation in New York Times article on changing American families.

Congratulations to the 2013-14 Seed Grant recipients. Find out more on the Graduate Studies page.

Cornell Chronicle featured a study about effect of childhood poverty on adult brain scans by CSI faculty affiliate, Gary Evans.

Kevin Hallock, faculty affiliate at CSI, quoted in The Cornell Daily Sun article about wage disparities for workers with disabilities.

Cornell Chronicle featured study about income segregation by CSI faculty affiliate, Kendra Bischoff.

New York Times featured research on why daughters are more likely to become caregivers by CSI faculty affiliate, Karl Pillemer.

CSI scholars Morgan, Weeden, and Gelbgiser on gender gap in STEM education featured in Cornell Chronicle.

Travis Gosa, faculty affiliate at CSI, quoted in Huffington Post article about teaching hip-hop studies.

Faculty affiliate and leader for the ISS project, Immigration: Settlement, Integration and Membership, Michael Jones-Correa, explains the significance of current immigration rates and demographics in America.

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