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The Center for the Study of Inequality (CSI) fosters basic and applied research on social and economic inequalities, as well as the processes by which such inequalities change and persist. Learn more about our mission...

take the IQ quiz How much do you know about inequality? Take our interactive quiz to determine your "IQ" (Inequality Quotient).

EVENTS 2013-2014

Fall 2014

Inequality Discussion Group
Faculty affiliates and graduate students meet on selected Mondays to discuss related works in progress.
11:45AM-1:00PM, Uris 360 (CSI Conference Room)
Contact CSI if interested.

September 23

Shamus Khan, Sociology, Columbia University
2:55-4:10PM, Uris Hall G01
Meets as part of Controversies About Inequality.

September 25

Thomas Sugrue, Sociology and History, University of Pennsylvania
Time and location TBD

October 23

Alice Goffman, Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2:55-4:10PM, Uris Hall G01
Meets as part of Controversies About Inequality.

Stay tuned for more events.


The Minor in Inequality Studies is an interdisciplinary program that may be completed with any major. Interested students should complete this enrollment form as soon as they intend to minor in Inequality Studies.

See the Fall 2014 courses that satisfy the minor's requirements.

Core Course:

SOC 2220 Controversies About Inequality

This course is the primary requirement for completion of the Minor in Inequality Studies and is offered each fall.

Overview Courses:

  • Economic Analysis of the Welfare State (ILRLE 4426 and ECON 3450)
  • Comparative Social Inequalities (DSOC 3700 and SOC 3710)
  • Social Inequality (SOC 2208 and DSOC 2090)
  • Managing Diversity: Policies and Practices (ILROB 6260)
  • Race and Public Policy (PAM 3370 and SOC 3370)
  • Families and Social Inequality (PAM 4470 and SOC 4470)


Since the program's inception in 2003, 486 undergraduates from five of Cornell's colleges have earned the Minor in Inequality Studies.


The CSI Inequality Quiz is designed to reveal your IQ (Inequality Quotient). Because this IQ is an acquired not innate capacity, students scoring below 100% can expect substantial gains by completing the Inequality Studies Minor.

Cornell graduate students in any social science may now apply for 2014-15 seed grants.

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