Emily Smith-Greenway

Event Date

04/23/2021 - 12:00

Emily Smith-Greenway (Sociology and Spatial Sciences, University of Southern California)
Title: TBA
12-1:00pm, via Zoom - Use this link to access event

CPC Innovations Seminar - Hosted by the Cornell Population Center, and co-sponsored by the Center for the Study of InequalityCornell Center for Social Sciences, and the Department of Policy Analysis and Management

Emily Smith-Greenaway is Associate Professor of Sociology and Spatial Sciences at the University of Southern California. Her research areas include demography, health, mortality, bereavement, inequality, family, and international sociology. Broadly, Smith-Greenaway’s research examines how social conditions impact individual and family wellbeing and experiences. Her recent work analyzes the influence of mortality conditions on family systems, the impact of child loss on family dynamics, and the consequences of community mortality conditions for women's fertility. She also studies how social inequality influences young adults’ educational, childbearing, and marital experiences.