Twitter's Gender Imbalance

By: By Colleen Flaherty,  Inside Higher Ed
Tue, 10/15/2019

In "Twitter's Gender Imbalance," CSI's Director and Jan Rock Zubrow Professor of the Social Sciences, Kim Weeden, discussed new research that suggests that female academics get disproportionately less engagement on Twitter than their male counterpart. Prof. Weeden said the study "seems consistent with other, experimental research on how both men and women assess other men and women in terms of competence. That is, when evaluators lack background information to evaluate a person's competence or expertise, as is often the case on Twitter, they rate men as being more competent than women.” The study authors are Jane M. Zhu, Artur P. Pellullo and Sayed Hassan, "Gender Differences in Twitter Use and Influence Among Health Policy and Health Service," published by JAMA Internal Medicine.