Seed Grants – Graduate Student Research

The Center for the Study of Inequality (CSI) advances research on the patterns, causes, and consequences of social and economic inequalities, how inequality varies across time and space, and how it is perpetuated or mitigated through day-to-day interactions, families, schools, neighborhoods, prisons, employing organizations, local and national labor market institutions, the law, politics, and the state. CSI values theoretically driven empirical research, whether it is in the service of “basic” knowledge about the fundamental nature of inequality or of “applied” knowledge that is relevant to public policy.

CSI invites proposals for grants that will support research on inequality by Cornell University graduate students. The proposed research projects will be judged on their academic rigor and social scientific merit, relevance to contemporary inequality scholarship, and potential to advance the field. Projects that meet these criteria are also likely to lead to publication or to successful external grant proposals, but our primary goal is to support high-quality research on inequality. Grants are open to PhD students in any social science discipline at Cornell. Awards help procure research materials and equipment, software and data, undergraduate research assistance, and research-related travel.

The deadline for the 2018-19 grants was February 15, 2019. We anticipate issuing a new RFP in fall 2019. You can review the 2018-2019 Request for Proposals. For a printable version of the RFP, please click here.

Please email us with any inquiries.

Funded Seed Grant Projects