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Funded Projects

2017-2018 Awards

Neighborhood Context and Health Inequalities in Later Life
Erin York Cornwell (Sociology)

Assessing the Impact of Place-Based Policies on Economic Mobility
Laura Tach (Policy Analysis and Management)

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Public Opinion and Political Engagement: Implications for Policy Sustainability and Political Inequality
Suzanne Mettler (Government)

Human Capital Inequality and Mobility in Madagascar
Christopher D. A. Boone (School of Hotel Administration), David E. Sahn (Economics), and Heidi Kaila (World Bank)

Buying Time with Children: Family Income, Mother’s Employment, and Time-Intensive Parenting across the Life Course
Vida Maralani (Sociology) and Berkay Ozcan (London School of Economics)

Racial Bias and Anti‐Immigrant Attitudes in Contemporary U.S. Politics
Peter K. Enns (Government) and Jonathon P. Schuldt (Communication)

2016-2017 Awards

The Long Run Impacts of Head Start:  Creating A New Funding Panel Dataset, and New Evidence on the Program’s Effectiveness in Promoting Equality of Opportunity
Douglas Miller (Policy Analysis and Management)

Linking NYC Administrative Data to Estimate Parental Incarceration’s Effects on Children
Chris Wildeman (Policy Analysis and Management) and Maria Fitzpatrick (Policy Analysis and Management)

Children, Gender, and Politics: A Developmental Approach to Understanding Inequalities in Democracy
Katherine D. Kinzler (Psychology and Human Development), Zachary Clopton (Cornell Law School), Andrei Cimpian (Psychology, New York University), and Melissa Ferguson (Psychology, project consultant)

The Political Causes and Consequences of Unequal Civil Legal Representation
Jamila Michener (Government, Cornell University) and Mallory SoRelle (Government and Law, Lafayette College)

Experimental Evidence on the Long-run and Intergenerational Impacts of Welfare Reform
Jordan Matsudaira (Policy Analysis and Management), Zhuan Pei (Policy Analysis and Management), and Pauline Leung (Policy Analysis and Management)


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