Faculty Research Grant FAQs

Are these grants for domestic work only or can one apply to do a project on inequality in some other part of the world?
These grants may be applied toward domestic and international research.

Do applicants have to be in a clearly demarcated social science department? 
We require that the PI be a social scientist.

What is the scope of research topics that are acceptable?
Proposals must engage contemporary social science inequality literature. For a list of previously funded project, please see our listed of funded projects.

Can the proposals be for lower amounts to fund a specific research trip or targeted data collection?
We will consider a proposal for a lower amount, although it may be better to apply to the ISS small grant program (http://socialsciences.cornell.edu/grants/).

Can the grant fund a semester of faculty salary, e.g. for off-site data collection, analysis and write-up.
Because we prioritize funding graduate or undergraduate student RAs and the direct costs of data collection, we discourage faculty members from using the grants in this way.  However, we don’t specifically disallow it; we’ve just found that some of our reviewer pools have been very opposed to using the grants to buy out faculty time.