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Graduate Student Affiliates

­­­The Center for the Study of Inequality fosters a small community of graduate students working on inequality-related topics by offering grant opportunities, hosting a biweekly discussion group, and inviting world-renowned inequality experts for guest lectures.

City and Regional Planning

Sonia Ahmad
Adaptation Planning, Water, Institutional Reform, Equity, International Development
 Joseph Saitta
Quantitative Research, Spatial Analysis, Social Policy, Education, Affordable Housing, Inequality

Computer Science

 Abebe Rediet Abebe
Social and Information Networks, Economics and Computation

Development Sociology

B_Smith Bobby J. Smith II
Food Justice, Race and Class in Food Politics, Inequality, Community Development


Demicheli David DeMicheli
Comparative Politics, Ethnic and Identity Politics, Inequality, Political Economy of Development, Social Movements, Latin America
Pauliina Patana
Political Parties, Nationalism and Far-Right Politics, Voter Behavior, Political Economy, Redistribution and Social Welfare, the EU
Whitney_Taylor Whitney Taylor
Law and Courts, Social Movements, Human Rights, Conflict

Human Development

Amelia Hritz
Death Penalty, Criminal Sentencing

Industrial and Labor Relations

Tiffany Darabi
Social Entrepreneurship; Organizations as Social Actors; Calling and Occupational Alignment
Rohini Jalan
Organizations and Technology; Racial, Economic, and Gender Inequality
Ling Tao
Organization, China Labor, Political Sociology, Cultural Sociology

Information Science

Fernando Delgado
Law and Technology, Applied Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Policy
Lauren Kilgour
Information Technology Ethics, Law, and Policy; Digital Government; Human and Civil Rights; Criminal Justice Systems; Surveillance and Privacy


Anthony Sangiuliano
Ethics, Legal and Political Philosophy, Constitutional Law, Discrimination Law

Policy Analysis and Management

René Crespin
Socioeconomic Inequality, Education, Social Welfare, and Immigration Policy
johnson_m Martha Johnson
Economic Mobility, Education and Social Welfare Policy, and Fiscal Federalism
ErinMcCauley Erin McCauley
Criminal Justice, Education, Intergenerational Disadvantage, Community Engaged Research
parkerE Emily Parker
Social Policy, Health, Housing, Poverty, and Inequality

Public Administration

Papa Kojo Botsio
Comparative Education Policy, Social Welfare Policy, Economic Sociology, Migration and Transnationalism, Government and Comparative Politics.
Fjolla Fjolla Kondirolli
International Development, Income Inequality in Developing Countries, Gender Wage Gap, Education Policy
Christine Mehta
Law and Courts, Policing, Drug Policy, Human Rights
 frobinson Frances Robinson
Social Policy, Intergenerational Poverty, Grantmaking, Public-Private Partnerships, Impact Investing, Whole-family Approaches


beardall_t Theresa Rocha Beardall
Inequality, Sociology of Law, Social Stratification, Race, Indigenous Studies
BrewB Bridget Brew
Inequality, Social Stratification, Race
bucca Mauricio Bucca
Inequality, Social Stratification
 AlexCooperstock Alex Cooperstock
Education, Demography, Inequality, Stratification, Social Mobility, Poverty, Policy
Curritt Alex Currit
Social Networks, Social Stratification, Urban Sociology, Health
doherty-bea_m Megan Doherty Bea
Economic Sociology, Sociology of Finance, Wealth and Inequality
 drouhot_l_2014 Lucas Drouhot
Intergroup Relations, Ethnicity, Assimilation
 fischer_j Jocelyn Fischer
Work And The Labor Market, Family, Gender, Policy
flores_m Maria Ramirez Flores
Inequality, Economic Development & Gender
AlyssaGoldman Alyssa Goldman
Social Networks, Sociology of Health, Social Stratification
 griffin Lauren Griffin
Gender, Family, Inequality
liu_l Lisha Liu
Economic Sociology, Social Stratification, Financial Sociology
 loy_l Loredana Loy
Collective Behavior and Social Change, Popular Culture and Social Change, Media and Public Opinion, Environmental Sociology, Animals & Society, Non-profit organizations
liu Yuanyuan Liu
Social Stratification and Inequality, Economic Sociology, Chinese Studies, Quantitative Methodology
lu Yuqi (Carl) Lu
Social Inequality, Stratification
YoselindaMendoza Yoselinda Mendoza
Race and Ethnicity, Gender, Education, Inequality
 MMingo Meaghan Mingo
Race, Policing, Criminal Justice System, Education, School Discipline, Inequality and Stratification
Molina_M Mario Molina
Social Norms, Economic Sociology, Networks, Social Institutions, Experiments
muniz Paul Muniz
Inequality, Social Stratification, Economic Sociology
  Alexander Martin Ruch
Culture and Cognition, Social Networks, Computational Social Science, Social Movements, Organizations, Morality, Identity, Health, Medicine, Science, Technology, Food, Quantitative and Experimental Methods
sandusky_emily Emily Sandusky
Political Sociology, Community and Urban Sociology, Culture
  Jan Spieker
Economy and Society
yi Youngmin (Min) Yi
Inequality, Social Stratification, Transition to Adulthood, Family, Social Policy

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