Faculty and Staff

Meet the people responsible for fostering a vibrant and supportive community of faculty and graduate students working on inequality-related topics.

Weeden Kim Weeden
Jan Rock Zubrow ’77 Professor of the Social Sciences
Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology
Mary J. Newhart
Assistant Director
John W. Niederbuhl
Communications & Program Coordinator
David Nelson
Program Assistant
Kendra_Bischoff Kendra Bischoff
Executive Committee Member
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
Richard and Jacqueline Emmet Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow
Ravi Kanbur
Executive Committee Member

T.H. Lee Professor of World Affairs
International Professor, Department of Applied Economics and Management
Lichter Daniel T. Lichter
Executive Committee Member
Ferris Family Professor, Department of Policy Analysis and Management and Department of Sociology
Robert S. Harrison Director, Institute for the Social Sciences
Vida Maralani
Executive Committee Member

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
Mettler Suzanne Mettler
Executive Committee Member
Clinton Rossiter Professor of American Institutions, Department of Government
Century Foundation Fellow

 Faculty Affiliates