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Alumni Newsletter, Winter 2016

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Center for the Study of Inequality Update

Winter 2016

Public Engagement, Fall 2015

In Fall 2015, CSI affiliates disseminated their research broadly and engaged with the public policy-makers and other constituents outside of academe.

BlauKahnFrancine Blau and Larry Kahn’s (Economics/ILR) research on cross-national differences in parental leave and other family-friendly work policies was cited in many media outlets in the wake of the White House report on gender inequality. They show that, paradoxically, family-friendly policies may decrease women’s wages and lead employers to discriminate against women.

Eloundou-EnyegueParfait Eloundou-Enyegue (Development Sociology) gave a public lecture on how the demographic composition of the world’s population affects the United Nations’ ability to meet its sustainable development goals and efforts to reduce global income inequality.


EnnsPeter Enns (Government) put together a cross-campus team to bring the Roper Center to Cornell and was appointed its first faculty director. The Roper Center is a major repository of social science data, particularly on politics and public opinion.


HaskinsAnna Haskins (Sociology) presented her research on how parental incarceration negatively affects children’s outcomes at the University of Southern California’s Centennial Celebration Panel on “Race and the Punitive State.” It was also featured on and in an op-ed in The Washington Post.


HallMatthew Hall (Policy Analysis and Management) provides data and spatial mapping tools to local school districts so that they can understand the changing demographic and socioeconomic composition of student populations they serve.


KanburRavi Kanbur (Economics/ Dyson School) is an expert advisor for multinational organizations such as the OECD on climate justice, the measurement of economic performance, and global poverty. He recently launched the International Panel on Social Progress, which brings together 300 experts from around the globe to rethink how to improve societies.


TachLaura Tach’s (Policy Analysis and Management) new book asks why the EITC, unlike other poverty-alleviation programs, has such high take-up rates. It shows that EITC reduces the stigma of poverty by allowing recipients to define themselves as middle class. Her op-ed on the EITC was published in The New York Times last April, just in time for tax day.


WeedenKim Weeden (CSI Director, Sociology), together with colleagues in Engineering, Computer Science, Veterinary Medicine, and PAM, published a research-based op-ed on gender biases in academic hiring that received more than 50,000 views. She also consulted with Senator Elizabeth Warren’s staff on occupational licensing, and is part of a working group of sociologists, economists, patent lawyers, and political scientists who are studying economic rents, political power, and rising income inequality.

WildemanChris Wildeman (Policy Analysis and Management) led a panel discussion on the social and economic consequences of mass incarceration for families, particularly for incarcerated mothers and their children. The panel, which was held at FareStart restaurant in Seattle, brought together academics, criminal justice reform advocates, local county officials, and formerly incarcerated mothers.

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