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The Center for the Study of Inequality regularly sponsors focused symposia, workshops, and lecture series that draw attention to the most pressing problems and controversies in the field.

Saturday, April 25

Cornell Sesquicentennial: Charter Day Weekend
The American Dream: Opportunities and Challenges
The “American Dream” is a core feature of the American ethos yet many challenges to the dream persist. Join us for a discussion by Cornell professors and recent alumni about equality of opportunity and how it can be improved.

Kim Weeden (Professor of Sociology, Cornell University; Robert S. Harrison Director, Institute for the Social Sciences; Director, Center for the Study of Inequality)
Kendra Bischoff (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Cornell University)
Peter Enns (Associate Professor of Government, Cornell University)
Adrian Palma '13 (Asian Studies, Co-Founder of Cornell DREAM Team)
Dominique Corley '14 (Linguistics and Sociology, Minor in Inequality Studies)

Saturday, April 25, 9:00-10:30AM
Call Auditorium, Kennedy Hall
Registration Required

Inequality Discussion Group

Faculty affiliates and graduate students meet biweekly on Mondays to discuss related works in progress.
11:45AM-1:00PM, Uris 360 (CSI Conference Room)
Contact CSI if interested in attending or presenting.

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