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Health Inequality Conference Fall 2018

CSI’s fall 2018 conference will focus on the social context of health inequality, with an emphasis on the behaviors that produce or inhibit health. This agenda is in dialogue with major health policy initiatives, such as Healthy People 2020, that typically emphasize three factors to improve health outcomes: (1) health-producing behaviors; (2) the social determinants of health; and (3) the interplay between personal, social, institutional, and policy spheres. The goal of the conference will be to advance research on how these factors also contribute to inequalities in health outcomes. Participants will be asked to think about the mechanisms by which social context “matters” for disparities in health behaviors and health outcomes, and about how these mechanisms may differ across workplaces, neighborhoods, urban compared to rural places, and other social contexts.

The conference will be held on Nov 8 and 9 at the Statler Hotel in Ithaca, NY. It will draw researchers from a variety of disciplines and institutions. In planning the conference, the organizing team — CSI affiliates, both in Sociology, Vida Maralani and Erin York Cornwell — will collaborate with other research centers on campus that focus on health, albeit in different ways. These centers include the Cornell Population Center (CPC), the Cornell Center of Health Equity (CCHE; a two-campus initiative spearheaded by Cornell Weill Medical College), and the Institute on Health Economics, Health Behaviors, and Disparities (HEHBAD).

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