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Inequality Discussion Group

This biweekly* discussion group on Mondays brings together Cornell faculty and graduate students from around campus to discuss and improve their in-progress research. Lunch will be provided.

11:45 am-1:00 pm
Uris Hall 360 (CSI Conference Room)

Interested in presenting? Contact us!

Fall 2017

September 18
Gary Evans (Elizabeth Lee Vincent Professor, Design & Environmental Analysis and Human Development) and Marianella Casasola (Associate Professor, Human Development)
Persistence During Early Childhood: Unpacking the Sociocultural Context of Poverty

October 2
Emily Sandusky (PhD Student, Sociology)
Variations in Attitudes Toward Government Spending Across Rural and Urban Communities 

October 16
Alyssa Goldman (PhD Student, Sociology)
Racial Differences in Predictors of Mortality: Education, Early Life, and Social Integration

October 30 – CANCELLED
Karen Levy (Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science) and Solon Barocas (Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science)
Designing Against Discrimination in Online Markets

November 27
Joanne Muller (Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Cornell Population Center)
The Long-Term Costs of Family Trajectories: Women’s Later-Life Earnings across Europe

*In most cases, we meet biweekly. However, due to scheduling conflicts with the University, this is not always the case.

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